Playing Roulette in the Online Environment

Playing roulette online has been said to be one of the more boring online casino games; however, if you play an online version of the game that is live, wherein others are playing with you at the very same time, then the game play gets interesting. Many people cite their doubts that the online version is actually random as reason that the live games are more fun and feel more random.

The issue that online roulette cannot be random is due to the fact that the aspects of this game are generated by a software program. All the spins, events, and results are all part of the program. A computer program cannot really provide totally spontaneous random numbers for the simple fact that it has to be told what to do (programmed).

For instance, in a real game of roulette, there are various factors that can change the game, such as:

  • the speed and strength with which the player spins the roulette wheel
  • the level of spin on the ball
  • where the wheel is when the wheel is spun
  • what angle the ball begins play in, and many more
  • So is only traditional or live online roulette random?

    This is not to say that online versions of the game of roulette are fixed; it is simply stating that the false random numbers that are generated by the programs are done so in quite the sophisticated manner. If they didn't have this, the game of roulette couldn't be played online. It is one thing, however, to lose after you have spun the wheel with all of your might, and quite another to lose to a generated spin. It leaves you feeling jipped somehow.

    Thank heaven there is live online roulette!

    There are a few online casinos that offer live roulette, wherein your bets are being placed alongside those players who are at the actual brick and mortar casino. This way you know the spins are legitimate, not to mention you feel more a part of the action in this way. Real game with real people!